My journey as a career changer.


It all started as what I would describe ILLUSIVE. I arrived in Germany in mid-2015 as someone who did not have a clear perspective of what he wanted in life, It wasn't funny to just go around dreaming big and hoping one day that things would change without the right education and valuable skills. Then I asked myself how? Well, the choice to choose whether to go further with my half-baked education, acquire a new skill, or get myself an unskilled job was an internal battle that drove me into horrifying depression. because as an African, we are basically known for being the world's poorest refugees, and my case as a new person in Germany was not a different one. Don't get me wrong! Germany has played a meaningful role in giving as much help as they can to help people in need, especially during the time of the refugee crisis when full loads of Syrians arrived in München Bahnhof around 2015. But Yes! I was already 7yrs in Europe then trying to relocate from Verona (Italy) to somewhere I could have the possibility to study.

Well, mid-2015, a good German called Schweizer,(whom I will never forget in my life) came to me with a few other Africans on the idea to look for a place in Germany's famous vocational training program which was to begin September that same year. I grabbed the idea as a perk and I was so excited that I would finally have something doing, perhaps acquire a skill that could potentially add value to my life. The invitation was to attend a trade-fair, where traditional companies in the little town called Owen came around displaying their products, services, and advertising chances of offering vocational training in their various companies.

The wife of my boss Claudia

Elektro-Nothwang caught my attention, which was about electro-building installation work. I decided that I would go for this training because it was still fresh in my mind on how we lack basic electricity supply in my country of origin which is Nigeria. Also part of what caught my attention was the fact that they had some samples of solar panels in front of their stand. Then the journey to becoming an electrician began that same year.

Please follow the trend to have a good feel for my journey as a UXer.

Until next time see you on the other post. Stay tuned!

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