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Automobile app
Sustainable Energy


Due to climate change issues, companies are requested to reduce the C02 emission level. For this reason, car owners are changing their old cars to buy new ones.

Old car
Car user


Users keep seeing the same old cars on internet search results.

Phone mockup


I believe that designing a new automobile app that contains new innovative cars like the electric and hydrogen will create room to help users know where to find those cars.


Competitive analysis

User persona


Usability testing









User interviews

Information Architecture

Hi-fidelity mock-up & prototyping

Design iteration

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My role

Concept ideation,

Researcher &


The project lasted for 2 weeks and I used Adobe XD throughout.


I went online to do a competitive analysis searching for what other auto dealer apps are already doing to update the existing cars or improve the search filters and help users find the most recent climate-friendly cars in their platforms. I took inspiration from two applications ( and

What I found

They are both amazing trending car finders.

But they do not have a voice command in the search filter for accessibility. This feature and other additional search criteria will be added to my design so that I can outperform these apps.


Driven by my main focus, I wanted to know about user struggles and what they look for when searching for a car online to buy. I recruited three participants and drafted open-ended questions to help me gather insights about users' opinions in a user interview.

Neat Desk
Interview participants

Laura, 29 Designer

"I’d be interested to exchange my old car for a new one. A way to evaluate my old car will be great"

Declan, 42 Mechatronic

"I like to see many pictures of cars before buying, especially the interiors. I'm also interested in the CO2 emission level"

Nora, 37


"For me is difficult to know all the technical detail about cars. So I’d be interested to read short articles on technical details and the implication of government policies before investing my money to buy any car"

What I learned

  • All the participants expressed uncertainty about government regulations on climate change issues

  • They are all interested in a feature that can help evaluate the financial values for their cars 

  • All the participants want a search feature that works properly

  • Clean images both from the interior and outside display of cars  will play a huge role in persuading users to buy cars from the app


Name: Peter Don

Age: 32YO

Location: Germany

Occupation: Mechatronic

Status: Single


Based on the interviews I conducted, I decided on a primary persona that will help me stay on track with user empathy and design decisions.


I structured user flow to organize the steps in a way that allows users to complete tasks from an access point to the success criteria. In this case, enter the app - car brands - select preferred car - read the prescription, then decides to check out the blog to information self about new policies affecting car owners due to climate change. This way, users can make decisions with confidence in the type of car they want to buy.

user flow .png

Relevant details about features in site map

  • I added a blog to feature articles on new policies that affect cars and carbon emissions

  • A voice command search feature to help make the app accessible, also because most people searching for cars are likely to be drivers themselves and sometimes still like to operate phones while driving. Voice command search features can also help reduce the rate of road accidents up to 30%.

  • I added a feature that requests car sellers to add as many pictures of their cars as possible to increase the chances of sales.


Mock up 3.png

I started out using pen and paper to create sketches of the key features of the content pages. This process was quick and allowed me to focus on high-level functionality. Once the basic functionality was established, I translated my designs from sketches into basic greyscale visuals using Adobe XD.


The designs included more detail and provided a preview of how the real UI elements would look and be placed. Corresponding with the user flows, I thereafter connected the UI hotspots so that a clickable prototype of the design could be created and ready for testing.


Teacher Assisting a Student

Since the main goal of design research is to build something useful for real users, I needed to evaluate the usability of the digital prototype.

Firstly, I posted it on the designer slack community and also recruited 3 users to further observe how they interact with the design prototype.

Pain points

  • The blog should be included in the car descriptions area

  • The back button doesn’t take me back to the previous page.


The link to the blog is added to the car descriptions& The back button for the prototype error was fixed.